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My Name is Abhay Vijay Pai. I am a Web Developer, Web Designer, Hobbyist Cricketer and second son of my beautiful parents.

I am currently working as a Front-end Developer in Srijan Technologies, Makati, Philippines; where i work in a client site location (Bayview Technology); where a wonderful skillset of people can be found. I work in a squad/team with client side leading developer.

My key responsibilies here are to maintain and develop the website user experience and interaction (look and feel) with keeping in mind; of performance of the website having multiple language support.

Other responsibilities are like understanding and reviewing the PSD design from the business side and giving them appropriate / helpful suggestion regarding the same if any glitch like kind of unnecessary components used in website design.

When it comes to the website; we generally want to know what kind of website is it ? But we dont ask how it is developed. So you are thinking right; i am going to disclose the technologies used while i am working here.

  • Git
  • Drupal 8 CMS
  • MySQL for DB
  • Symfony
  • Slim
  • Twig
  • Javascript
  • Composer
  • SASS
  • Nodejs
  • Photoshop
  • JIRA
  • Confluence

Now lets discuss something about my previous professional career.

I was working with organisation name so called Microquery Limited, Mumbai, Inida; where i joined as Intern and kept my hard work on to reach at the peak so i can reach at the top of the mountain. In a 6 months duration i completed my internship and worked as junior developer in the same organisation and i continued my hardwork going on and on; and i reached at the position of Lead Developer in 3 years. In these years, i have learnt many things about coding, professional career, presenting self in front of talented people.

My key responsibilities included here were from website design to website developing then to host a website till the maintenace agreement is on. So yes you are thinking right i was a full stack developer in this organisation or in better words i can say that i was the only web developer in this organisation. In this organisation, we were using iterative process / model for building a website and web application.

Technologies used in this organisation were:-

  • Drupal 7
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • MySQL for DB
  • FlashCMS
  • Third Party Hosting Provider
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2012
  • FTP Client

I hold a Bachelor Degree in Science and Information Technology from Mumbai Universtiy, India and Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication from Mumabai University, India.

I love learning about innovative ideas and reading books of logics and technology and also getting aware of the new workflow structure used in building a website or web application.

I was born in Bhayander, Mumbai, India (1993-2016); completed my education then moved to Vasai, Mumbai, India (2016-2017) and currently am in Makati, Philippines(2017-*). I love to travel in multiple location interacting people and at the same time learning new things every time from them.

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